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Greg was born at Williams Field Air Force Base in Arizona. When his father, a Special Forces team leader, was transferred to Bad Tolz, Germany, Greg remembers being awed and overwhelmed by the architecture, carvings and sculpture of the Bavarian castles.

Returning to Cupertino, California, Greg attended Cupertino High School, De Anza Community College and San Jose State University. Greg garnered scholar/athlete

awards, captainships, and the conference championship in wrestling at all three institutions.

Greg obtained a B.F.A. and served as graduate assistant at San Jose State University's foundry and metal facility and had a short stay in Italy courtesy of "The Master of The Missing", John Battenberg (thanks John!). Greg has now returned to Cupertino where he works in his uniquely personal style offering visions of fantasy and fact.


I've been creating sculpture for as long as I can remember, but only relatively recently have I developed a coherent visual language, which is reflected in my current work. There are examples of works in the gallery that led me to this point, some are available for purchase and the others are privately owned.

At present, my primary goal with each new work is to capture the essence of the subject using a scarcity of mass, an absence of superfluous detail with a focused yet generous perception and a wealth of spirit.

Anything can inspire a piece. A cool shape, an exotic line, a provocative contour, an interesting subject, or emotional experience, and, my favorite, a commission where someone else lights the fuse.

To me the power of sculpture comes from its third dimension, depth. With height, width and depth sculpture exists in the same space we occupy. Then add the fourth dimension, time, and the sculpture, if well performed , will challenge you to exist with it. It's no coincidence that depth also refers to the quality of thought required to produce sculpture that embodies the spirit of a subject.


The kinetic energy inherent in the human body in motion is beautiful and awe-inspiring to behold. By freezing an activity at a strategic point I invite you to exist within the moment the sculpture portrays even as the sculpture exists in the moment you view it.

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