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See how Greg works in his studio, how his art comes to be, and view works in progress

GestureMost pieces start with a gesture sketch - a simple line drawing approximating the center of mass of the figure as it establishes the posture, attitude, and motion of the subject.
The next step is the braze welding with oxygen/acetylene rig using silicone bronze to join steel elements, create detail, and add highlights. The flame is over 5,000 (°F). I should be wearing gloves but I have a finer touch bare handed.Braze Welding
Debris Removal and Finish ApplicationAfter the piece is constructed all debris from the process, primarily glassed flux and oxidization soots, must be removed before any finish can be applied - sandblasting, wire brush, files, sanding, and chipping are all employed.
3" wire brush at 24,000 R.P.M. puts a silver luster on the steel and gold luster on the bronze. But it's no picnic - the wire wheel is constantly contacting the piece at odd angles tyring to suddenly yank the grinder out of my hands.Luster Application

Nail Shark piece in the Studio
Shark Byte in the Studio Shark Byte in the Studio - 2
Three on a Wave - 6

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